Thursday, January 20, 2011

I wish I lived in San Diego too!

Milo and I had sooo much fun with the Nelsons in San Diego! It was so hard to leave the nice weather, and of course, them. We did so much and had tons of fun! Thank you again for letting us come hang out and for being amazing hosts. Love you guys!!!!
she's the best hostess in the whole world. this was on my bed when we arrived.
Kyle surprised jamie with flowers. so sweet :)
at the farmer's market

we played cars on the patio every morning

for all of you who wondered what would happen if you left rhodes rolls out over night. ha. all she wanted were some pull-aparts
bossy LOVED milo! he was so sweet to him and was really good at sharing. . . by sharing i mean throwing his cars and tools at him. He really was so good, that was only out of love
we turned around to find boston reading his book to milo.
without fail, whenever we were in the car, boston had to hold onto his buddy's carseat.
the zoo!
we opted for the smart way and took the gondola and the tour bus.

We had a blast! thanks again sidder-dawg! "831.."