Monday, November 8, 2010

Like a kid going to Disneyland. . . but really San Diego!

this time i'm not up because Milo needs to eat or be cuddled, i'm up because i am too excited to sleep! Milo is fast asleep so you'd think i would take advantage of the opportunity, but no.
We leave in the morning for San Diego! Milo and i get to spend 9 days with Jamie, Kyle, and Boston :)
Jake is in Korea for two weeks, so we decided to go on our own little adventure for a while. i expect to have nothing but fun while we're there.
i am so lucky to have such amazing sisters. i love every minute i spend with them. Jame, i love you and i can hardly wait to hang out with you!!!!!! see you soon

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr. Milo

What they say is true, they grow up so fast! Milo has already been blessing our family for 5 weeks.
We are loving being parents and even more than that, we love cuddling and kissing his soft cheeks.

Thank you to our talented friend Mikki for taking these pictures. We love her!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

September 20th

I am three weeks late but better than never right? Here are a few pictures from the happiest day of mine and Jake's life.

Hours before delivering Milo!
We are so excited!

meeting for the first time
jamie surprised everyone and flew into town!!
grandma & grandpa Nemelka
grandma & grandpa Williams
milo & boston
he was mad at me, he did NOT like his bath
so tiny

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Stones" by Scott Smith

I am ashamed to admit that every night when i climb into bed, i check facebook. I know, i know, it's a problem.
But last night as i scrolled through the news feed, something very special was waiting for me. . . This beautiful video from our VERY TALENTED friend, Scott Smith. Of course it made me cry and does every time i watch it.
Thank you Scott for sharing this with Jake and I, we could never tell you how much it means to us.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing the most handsome and amazing missionary ever. . . Elder J.R. Nemelka!

patiently awaiting his setting apart
Bennett + J.R. = BFFs!
They managed to squeeze in a game of laser tag, naturally
sweet baby Grey loving his uncle jrrrr

yep, same dress
what a stud!
aw. so sad. buh bye buddy! we are so proud of you and can't wait to hear about every detail of every day while you are gone. we will always be thinking of you and missing you even more! thank you for being the best brother a girl could ever ask for. work hard and have fun.
i love you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Our Blog Is Boring"

Yep, that's what Jake said to me today, "Our blog is boring. All it is is writing. No one likes to read, they just like pictures."

Psh! FUR RUDE. That little poo poo, he's not the one who has to struggle with figuring out how to put pictures up. I struggle when it comes to blogging.

But, he's right. And i apologize. So here is a long string of pictures you can feast your eyes on ;)


Jake and i got into a marker fight today. . . I won. But he didn't back down until there was blood shed, of course it had to be mine. He accidentally rolled over my toe with his office chair. OUCH!

Jamie, Kyle and Boston were here last week! oh how miss them.
look how amazing Bossy is though

Can't forget the Parade of Homes. The Martineau house was our favorite of course. Thanks Linds for getting us tickets!

We were able to have a date night with the Williams, Nuttals, and the Croslands. Love them.

Happy 4th! Complete with the Kaysville parade and the Oakley Rodeo

the only reason i go to these kinds of things. . . COTTON CANDY :)

look who i found at the rodeo, Madi!

my cute mom and dad

Elder Nemelka.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Story of Kidney Stones to Kidney Failure.

Yes, it's almost five in the morning and i am blogging. . . i wish i weren't. I wish i were sleeping. That's what i get after having surgery i guess.

I thought i would document what happened to me last week. So here you go everyone. I know you have probably all heard bits and pieces of this ordeal, now you can be totally filled in.


It all started Monday July 12th. . . .
Jake and i were driving home from Centerville, when out of no where, i had this debilitating pain in my right kidney. (Jake knew i was really hurting because i had been eating an A&W root beer ice cream cone and only had the best part of it left, the cone! i threw it out the window. not like me. This was serious) The pain made it impossible for me to hold still and even hard for me to breathe. Of course i started to really worry, especially about the baby.
Once home, i finally got a hold of a family friend who is a mid-wife. Sweet Nancy, i think i scared her to death. She was probably wondering who the crazy, sobbing, chick was calling her at 11 o'clock at night. She concluded i could have pinched a sciatic nerve in my back and that i would just have to wait to get pain killers from my doctor. Ugh!! NO!! I did not know how i was going to last till tomorrow.
Needless to say, that was one of the longest nights of my life. I was in excruciating pain all night and to make matters worse, i threw up every 1/2 hour starting at 3 am. (i absolutely HATE throwing up)
The next morning (July 13th) Jake and my Mom loaded me into the car and got me to the doctor, don't worry, i was still throwing up every half hour. Just by looking at me, my doctor diagnosed kidney stones. Great.
He set me up to two hours worth of IV's (threw up the whole time) and sent me home with a lot of lortab, nausea medicine, an antibiotic, and wished me a quick passing of my stones. Well all of that medicine would have been helpful, if i could keep it down.
After 5 days of feeling like i was going to die, seeing a urologist, getting an ultrasound, and still having all of my same symptoms, i got worse.
Saturday (the 17th) i woke up and felt even more sick. Now my left kidney was hurting as well. i was lying on the bed and my body had had enough. I went into shock. i was moaning and rolling around from the pain, feeling really nauseous, my eyes were rolling back in my head, and my jaw was shaking uncontrollably. (Other than thinking i was going to die, the only thing i thought while i was going through this was, "this is what they mean when they say 'gnashing of teeth' in the scriptures. i never want to feel that again.) That's when Jake took me to the hospital.

Once i arrived at the hospital the nurses and doctors were very kind and worked very quickly to get me comfortable. Comfortable= 2 morphine shots in my bum, another two steroid shots in my bum, iv, oxygen, catheter, and then a morphine drip. They did all of this because i had a bladder infection, kidney stones, i was dehydrated, and having contractions every minute from all of the stress and pain my body was experiencing. Thank heaven for modern medicine, you better believe when that morphine button went off every six minutes, i was pushing it!

The doctors would come in an out of my room practically scratching their heads because i had stumped them. They had never seen anything like it, or so they said. Even with all of the medicine and fluids they were putting in me, i was not producing urine. ( i gained 25 lbs in two days from all of the fluids. i also lost 25 + lbs after the surgery from going peepee so much ha.) The average person is supposed to urinate 23 cc's every hour. I did 6 cc's in 24 hours. That's when they knew my kidneys had stopped functioning and i had gone into kidney failure. Luckily for me, there was something they could do about it. So two days after arriving in the hospital (monday night the 19th) i was rushed to surgery to have two stints put in from my kidneys to my bladder.
There was and is blockage still, but the stints allow my kidneys to function properly.

I remember waking up after surgery and saying, " I just had a dream that i was eating really yummy jello and then my husband gave me a new purse because i was being so good at the hospital!" haha! i'm sure the nurse just shook her head. Jake said i was the nicest drugged person ever and that i would not stop talking.

The surgery was a success. I will have the stints until the baby comes, then they will take them out and do some test and x-rays and see if they can determine what was going on with me.


Even though this was a trial in my life, i am so grateful and feel very blessed.
First, i have to say thank you to Jake. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He was so loving, helpful, strong, supportive, and understanding through this whole thing. I know it killed him to see me suffer the way i did, but he had so much faith and never left my side. I was so excited to leave the hospital because i was going to be able to lay next to him and drift off to sleep while holding hands again. I love you Babe.

Second, this whole thing confirmed the fact that i have the MOST AMAZING family and friends a girl could ask for! My mom was at the hospital every second she could be. She was shaving my legs, fixing pillows, bringing treats, and being the great mom that she is. The same goes for my other family members! Thank you so much for everything i love you so much!! I loved all of my visitors and my warm wishes from everybody. All of you helped me to get better :)

Lastly, i feel like i was blessed and being watched over by my Heavenly Father through all of this. A woman in my ward said it the best, "Heavenly Father doesn't help us around our trials, he helps us through them." I know that to be true. He blessed Jake and i with strength and peace. Even when situations became pretty scary, we were blessed to never worry and know that everything would be okay. And an even bigger blessing, our baby was never under any stress or put in harms way. He was healthy and happy the whole time. I would lay in the hospital bed at night with tears streaming down my cheeks while i listened to his healthy heart beating away, working perfectly.

I know that was long but i hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you again, Jake and i love you all!!!
("831..." to all of you who know what i mean by that)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The "Important" Decisions In Life. . .

Yep, that's right, i'm talking about hair.

Since my husband is no help and says, "Jen, i love you however you do your hair." (What a smart guy, safe answer. But annoying because i hate making decisons.)

So i am turning to you guys for your opinions of what i should do. . . Cut my hair or keep growing it out? Be honest people, this is my hair we're talking about ;)

ps. Check out this amazing photographer and myfriend, Kimber Hansen, at