Thursday, August 25, 2011

just because it's been so long

I hate blogging. such a burden. But i do enjoy stalking everyone else's cute blogs.
One day i will catch on, have a creative background and header, but for now, here's a new picture to look at for 6 months :)


  1. Haha you're funny. All I need is one picture! He's so darling!
    Send me a color scheme/picture right now and I'll do your blog makeover!
    Love you guys!

  2. WOW he's so old from the last pictures:) he is a total cutie!

  3. He is getting SO big! Glad to see you're blogging again. Please keep it up - I like to stalk, too :)

  4. I am right there with you in the blogging world! Hence why I am looking at your cute son and mine is still only 6 months old according to my last post! Where did that blonde hair come from??? So cute!