Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday, oscars, and the best mom in the world!

You have never seen an oscar party like one thrown by my amazing mom! She was busy all day long, not missing any details. Right before the oscars started, we had an award ceremony of our own. . .

She and my dad made these darling trophies. And my mom came up with the most creative awards for each one of us!

She had a little wardrobe malfunction going on in the back ;)

Naturally, being the oldest child, Jaycie was given 'Best director'

and seeing as he's married to the director, Luke was given 'best supporting actor'

Joyce received the 'lifetime achievement award' for all of her hard work and making it all possible. Yep, jules gave her some pads for her prize. haha

Here she is with the coveted CLINIQUE bag. Each year for our birthdays, my grandma joyce gives us the latest makeup bag and sample from Clinique. You'd think it was a million dollars by the way we all lust over it!

And more importantly, it's my Mom's birthday!!!!!! She is the most amazing person i know. I feel so lucky to have been blessed to be her daughter and to have been taught and loved by her. She is constantly serving others and is such a good example to me. I have always known how special she is, but since i have become a mom, i have a whole new appreciation for her! I am in aw. Mom, you are my best friend and my greatest example. Thank you for always making me feel very special and always loved. Even now, raising Milo, i am constantly asking myself, 'what did my mom do?' I strive to be a mom just like you because you were an amazing parent and i had the happiest childhood i could ask for. I hope you know how much i look up to you and how much i love you! I hope you have a great day and a happy year! I LOOOOOVE YOU!!

This is how jake felt about the oscars. . .they were kind of boring. not the best i've seen.


  1. Tears. It's all so cute, I just miss that. She's the best!

  2. Can I just say that is the cutest idea ever! What a cute Mom, can I steal her from you??? Looks like you had a blast so lucky!

  3. Jentrie I LOVE YOU!!! You made me cry on my birthday just like your sister!!! I am sooo blessed! I can't believe how lucky I am!!! Thank you for your sweet words!