Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr. is 5 months old!!

Milo is 5 months old and i can hardly believe it. He is getting cuter and cuter every day! I always ask myself, 'why did i take so many pictures when he was a newborn?', he's a lot cuter now :) haha there's my confession for the day.

Here's a list of all of his favorite things and talents so far. . .

1. he can drink a 5 ounce bottle in one commercial

2. he sleeps 12 hours a night, and has since he was 2 months

3. he loves tubbies

4. he is constantly reaching for, and holding onto his feet

5. he loves kisses and eating his mom and dad's face

6. he's already learned to 'fake cough' for attention

7. his favorite song is "the wheels on the bus"

8. he is very ticklish

9. he has the most rancid toots and poops because he has special meat-based formula. . . aka 'protein shakes' according to grandpa

10. and he LOVES his mama and dad, along with all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!


  1. awww what a handsome little one he is! :) how fun!

  2. oh my goodness he is so darling!!!!!!!! love the photos.. and his amazing talents!

    p.s. great seeing you last night!!! hahahaa

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  4. such a handsome little guy!! you have the cutest little fam jentrie!

    i'm a spaz and deleted my other one....sorry!

  5. Got to love the fake cough for attention, I knew I liked him! He really is the cutest boy ever, we really love that boy to peices.

  6. I love the tubby smiling one and the one where Jake is feeding him the bottle..he's not letting go of that baba for anything! I miss him so much! Love you guys!

  7. He is sooo cute! I want to see more pictures:)

  8. He is soooo squishy and adorable!!! Grandma loves her little boyfriend and I can't wait to share my candy with him!!!! XOXO

  9. Sweet Milo! He is so amazing! Jen you definately lucked out (minus the cost of protien shakes!) We love him (especially Grey, "dede!").

  10. LOVE HIM! I want to come take him away for the day... can I?